Rescued Cleveland women fuel hope for Jennifer Kesse's parents

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MANATEE COUNTY - Cases like the three rescued missing women Cleveland can often give hope to families of other missing people. And for the parents of Jennifer Kesse, it is a reminder to never give up.

The 24-year-old Orlando woman went missing in January 2006 and hasn't been seen since.

Her parents, who live in Manatee County, believe she was abducted near her condo. But no one seems to know what happened to their daughter.

We spoke to the Kesse's about the three women rescued in Cleveland. They say the case encourages them that Jennifer could still come home. “It continues to provide you with hope. I just can only imagine and wish I’d been on the receiving of a phone call saying that, and I hope one day that we get that phone call that Jen is alive,” says Joyce Kesse.

Just last year, the FBI reopened the search for Jennifer Kesse, but so far there have been no new leads.