Practice resumes after football game shooting

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BRADENTON--It's early morning on the football field, and Tray Thompskin wouldn't be anywhere else.

"I want to play football," said Thompskin.

Now it's only drill calls and whistles that Thompskin hears, just two days after hearing something much more sinister.

"I heard gunshots, twenty gunshots, everybody started running over to police, laying down," said Thompskin.

Thursday night, two masked gunmen shot and killed Brenton Coleman Sr, right in front hundreds gathered for an evening football game.

Saturday morning, parents and players returned for the Mustangs' first practice.

"A little on edge, but I know the kids need to come out here and keep moving forward," said one parent.

"My son was very nervous about coming out here, he even considered going somewhere else to play football," said another parent.

Despite some lingering fears, practice was uneventful, as the drills and plays were called under the watchful eyes of armed police.

"Today is just more of a reassurance that we are here, we're working the case, we're doing everything we can to see that this case gets solved," said Bradenton police sergeant Brian Thiers.

Coaches say all things considered, the kids are doing alright.

"So far they all have positive attitudes, they want to be here and they keep saying we hope the rest of the kids do come back because this is something that happened unexpectedly, it could happen anywhere," said coach Alvernis Pompey.

And after seeing what he did on Thursday night, Thompskin knows all too well the kinds of calls that really matter, both in football and in life.

"That could be me one day," said Thompskin, "my mom get a phone call, I don't want that to happen so I'm staying straight, playing football, staying in school."

Police are still looking for the shooters. If you have any information you're urged to call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office or the Bradenton Police Department.