Poston edges out win in Bradenton's three-way mayoral race

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BRADENTON - Two candidates were trying to unseat Bradenton’s long-time mayor Wayne Poston Tuesday night. But Poston won a fourth term as mayor with 39% of the vote, edging out Richard O’Brien and Marianne Barnebey.

And while he tells ABC 7 that he loves being mayor, he is glad campaining is over. He credits his proven experience and successes with his win.

Opponent Richard O'Brien, with 32.6% of the vote, says he's very proud of his campaign and support, and he says he will continue being involved in the community. “We've brought up some issues that we think the city is going to start moving on: buy local program, connecting the Village of the Arts with downtown, also making the city much more transparent and responsive. So we're really proud for doing that. We had so much support in the community, we feel that we just missed,” said O’Brien.

“We thought we had done all the right things. We think we were running on a record of success and not just telling people what I was going to do. We had a good record, and we ran on that, and I think the campaign we did it right. We stayed positive, we stayed on the high road…that pleases me to win that way,” said Poston.

We did reach out to Marianne Barnabey but she declined to give any comment to the media.