Nearly 300 Manatee School positions to be cut

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BRADENTON - More teachers are facing the chopping block in Manatee County. Superintendent Rick Mills laid out his financial recovery plan Monday, which includes the elimination of 282 positions within the district.

Under his plan, 80 positions within the district office will be cut. 107 teachers will also be eliminated, 24 ESE teachers, as well as 16 staff members from district operations, among other cuts.

Mills unveiled his plan just as about 50 parents and children rallied outside the school board headquarters in support of teachers.

But Mills says this is the right plan to move the district toward financial recovery. “It will allow us to recover for a budget. If we have a shortfall this year, it will allow us to reinvest back into our employees, both through these dollars and the dollars that we get for the state revenue on the $22 million, and it will allow us to have discretionary spending, to get it back into the classrooms as we align strategically as a district to move forward,” said Mills.

The plan also calls for the closure of Central High School and eliminating 53 district cars.