Mother says driver could have prevented fight on school bus

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MANATEE COUNTY - A recent scuffle on a Manatee County school bus has one mother upset that the driver did nothing to prevent it from happening.

The incident happened last Thursday on bus #681. 14-year-old Anthony Henderson was beat up by a fellow student after the student allegedly told the bus driver he was going to beat Anthony up. Anthony says the driver ignored the threat and kept driving.

"She should have stopped right then and there. She knows there was something that was about to go on," said Anthony, a 7th grader at Haile Middle School.

Anthony says the fight was over a seat on the bus. When the classmate started to beat him up, a group of students on board had to break it up, while the driver did nothing.

"She had enough time to pull the bus over," Anthony said.

Anthony was taken by his mother, Nakeisha, to Blake Medical Center for treatment, after being choked and punched in the face. He did not sustain any major injuries.

Nakeisha says she is frustrated because no one from the school system notified her about the fight, but that it was Anthony who told her. Nakeisha is planning on speaking with her attorney on Tuesday.

"I don't want to see anyone fired. I know it is hard to find jobs out there, but she (driver) needs to get suspended and learn her lesson," Nakeisha said.

A spokesperson with the Manatee County School Board says they are investigating the incident. A video of the fight on board the bus was requested by ABC-7, but it is not being released because "it is a student record that may result in disciplinary action," according to School Board Attorney John Bowen.