Manatee County School Board Search

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BRADENTON - The Manatee County School District has had its share of ups and downs in the past year; Among them a major budget discrepancy.   But, the board hopes to turn it all around and that process starts with the hiring of its next superintendent.

"Its very important, its the top job for us," said School Board Chair Karen Carpenter.  She is talking about the task the Manatee County School Board has taken on to pick the district's next superintendent.  "We are looking for integrity, good experience in an education setting, commitment to students, and commitment to helping student bridge both an achievements and readiness gap," said Carpenter.

But those are just some of requirements, because all 6 candidate were questioned thoroughly about their ability to fix the district's current budget problems.

"I would like to know a little about your experiences in putting the budget together and how you run the budget for your district," asked School Board Vice Chair Julier Aranibar.

"We have always started with zero based budgeting," said candidate Dr. Diana Greene.

Ms. Kathy LeRoy went into more detail about what she would do if she was selected, she said "I would have regular metric meeting to make sure they are spending them appropriately".

The 6 candidates come from as far a Minneapolis to as close as Estero.  They spent the day answering question from a variety of groups including the union, area principals, the Citizen Advisory Group and even students.

"Through their questions you have a sense of what's important to them and what they consider some of the critical issues for the superintendent to address", said candidate Dr. Constance Jones.

"This process is very thorough and I've been most impressed with the fact that the community has been very involved with asking the questions, said candidate Dr. John Carvelli.

The school board plans on make their final selection at their February 20th meeting.