Manatee County Animal Services reaches no-kill status

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MANATEE COUNTY - Manatee County Animal Services finally reached no-kill status for the first time last month since starting the program, but they are not celebrating just yet.

MCAS set out to become a no-kill shelter back in October of 2011, making it the first public shelter to even attempt no-kill status, but it's not easy to achieve, and now, as officials are finding out, it's equally difficult to maintain.

In order to achieve no-kill status, the shelter must maintain over 90 percent save rate. Last month, Animal Services attained 92 percent for the first time.

Chief Kris Weiskopf says prior to setting out to become a no-kill shelter, Animal Services only had an 82 percent save rate and it's taken a while to improve, but the hard work isn't over yet.

“That 92% we would like to have that if not more of a save rate and to maintain that we again can't do it without the volunteers and fosters. To achieve no-kill, or that particular status or that goal, has to be maintained for 12 months on, so just achieving that 92% for just one month is huge, however it needs to maintained,” says Kris Weiskopf of Manatee County Animal Services.

Weiskopf says it will take continued support from the community in order to maintain no kill status.

If you are looking for a pet, you can check out Animal Services website here, or visit the adoption center in downtown Bradenton, or the shelter in Palmetto.