2 juveniles caught burglarizing Parrish farm market

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PARRISH, FL. - Manatee County deputies arrested 2 juveniles after catching them in them in the act of burglarizing a Parrish market.

It happened Thursday around 1:30 at Brown's Grove Farm Market, which is located at 12255 U.S. 301 North in Parrish.

Two Juveniles

Surveillance was set up at the business after 3 other complaints of burglaries to the business were made in the last two weeks.

At around 1:30am, deputies observed a red vehicle drive down without it lights and park just north of the business on US 301. Two subjects exited the car, crossed over 301 and walked over to the side of the business, where they climbed up wooden slats and entered the business.

Aviation and Patrol Units were called in for support while the subjects were inside. After approximately ten minutes, the subjects exited the business. They both ran into an open field and attempted to hide underneath a tree. They abandoned their loot under the tree and continued to run.

One of the suspects eventually surrendered to deputies, but the other suspect kept running and wa s eventually caught trying to scale a fence.

Both subjects were taken to the Juvenile Booking Facility and charged with Burglary.