Increase in murders leads to joint task force

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BRADENTON - Authorities in Manatee County are hoping a new joint task force will make solving future crimes easier. With 26 homicides this year, the county has more than doubled the number of murders from 2011, and they say this new approach should make solving those kinds of crimes much more efficient.

Sheriff Brad Steube says this year's 26 homicides are an anomaly, but he's hoping that by creating a new, streamlined investigative force, those murders as well as all future murders will be solved more quickly thanks to better communication.

Authorities plan to launch the Manatee Homicide Investigative unit on January 1st. This new unit is basically a way to bring all of the county's resources to the table as soon as a murder investigation begins.

The Manatee County Sheriff's Office will head the unit, but the Bradenton and Palmetto police departments will have officers permanently embedded with the unit. The police departments of Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, and Longboat Key will also be part of the investigative unit, and will assist in the investigation of murders within Manatee County.

This was all the brainchild of Bradenton Police Chief Michael Radzilowski, who says that when it comes to taxpayer dollars, pooling resources makes for a much better products and results. "I hope we provide a more efficient use of all our resources and provide a better service to the community, because it’s all about customer service and solving these murders."

Speaking of taxpayer dollars, Radzilowski wants everyone to know that there will be no increase in costs to taxpayers.