$39,000 in jewelry stolen from Bradenton home

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BRADENTON - Manatee County authorities are investigating a home burglary in which over $39,000 worth of jewelry, including a $30,000 watch, was stolen.

It happened Tuesday sometime between 6-8pm at a home on the 10000 block of Cheval Place in River Club South.

The suspect(s) smashed the rear sliding glass door to the master bedroom and unlawfully entered the room without setting off the alarm.

Once inside, they opened just a few specific dresser drawers and removed the jewelry, which included a $30,000.00 solid 18-karat gold Cartier watch. They then removed a pillow case in which they possibly placed the items in it and exited through the broken glass door.

The area was canvassed with negative results and there were no witnesses, video recordings or known suspects at this time.

The investigation continues.