'Glass mountain' company slapped with code violations

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BRADENTON - Some Manatee County residents’ fight to move a so-called "glass mountain" didn't come to an end Wednesday as they'd hoped.

Wednesday morning, the county's code enforcement board found the glass dust pile at the Strategic Materials plant to be in violation of several codes -- but nearby residents say they won't be happy until the mountain is moved.

The glass mountain is basically a big pile of glass dust located on 19th Street East just south of 63rd Avenue in Manatee County at Strategic Materials, a company that recycles glass.

But residents living at the nearby Villa Del Sol mobile home park say it's too close for comfort.

“The noise, for one, keeps you awake all night. The smell, the glass all over the cars, the trash everywhere,” says Kelly Love.

“There's glass particles everywhere; you can see them, they shine, it's not like just dust, they shine,” says Susan Durham.

They've been asking the company to move the mountain. And it's turning into quite the uphill battle. “What can we do? We're nothing compared to these million dollar corporations. They're just going to get away with it. I don't think anything is going to be resolved,” says Love.

Wednesday’s ruling was a victory of sorts for those residents. Manatee County Code Enforcement found Strategic Materials in violation of several codes -- including an unscreened storage area along the south boundary, and an outdoor storage area that's not setback far enough -- causing debris to blow in the public right of way.

Still, residents don't express a whole lot of optimism. “That's not really going to help us in the community. We have people who are very sick, we've had people with migraines that have had to move away.”

Strategic Materials would not allow their attorney to do an on-camera interview. However, off camera he says the company plans to correct the problems within the allotted time.