Father upset kids were forced to sit on school bus for over an hour

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BRADENTON, FL. - A Manatee County father is irate after learning that his kids sat on a school bus for over an hour after the driver refused to leave the school and made threats to the children.

Will Stutzmen's son and daughter both attend Braden River Middle School in Bradenton. On Wednesday, he received the call that his kids were on the bus, parked in the bus ramp at the school more than hour after school let out, and he was furious.

Stutzmen says it was a substitute bus driver who picked up the kids, and according to what his children told him, the driver refused to move the bus until every student was 100 percent quiet.

His kids told him that no one was acting out on the bus, and the noise level was normal. It wasn't until the principal came out to go home for the day that he realized the school bus hadn't left the bus ramp, and parents were called to come pick up their children.

“Sitting in there for over an hour and then threatening to turn up the heat and blast them? It was a typical day. My kids said no one was yelling or screaming, but to sit here for over an hour without moving at all is absolutely ridiculous.

Stutzmen says according to the Transportation Department, all school bus drivers have the right to refuse to move the bus if they feel the students are acting out, causing unsafe driving conditions.

We spoke to the Manatee County School District. They are still looking into it, but did say that the bus driver reports that the students were so loud and unruly that she didn't feel safe driving away from the school. In fact, the driver couldn't even hear the dispatch radio next to her.

We will have more on this incident coming up at 5.