Father stands by decision to shoot dog that bit his son

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TAMPA - The recovery continues for a Bradenton boy who lost his finger to the family dog. That dog was part wolf.

There’s no doubt this is a disturbing story, but it shows just how far a father will go for his son. That's because the youngster lost a pinky finger when his own dog -- a malamute-wolf mix named “Sassy” bit it off.

It happened Friday night at the Brignoni home in Bradenton. When the boy’s father learned of what happened, Luis Brignoni got his gun, shot the animal, and then cut the dog open to recover the finger.

While some may question what Luis did, he says it was necessary. “There’s nothing that I won’t do. You don't know what you would do to protect your son, to save your son. He might be missing his finger, but his other four are good. Because God is good…he still has four fingers to do everything that he could do with five,” says Brignoni.

And after all of that, unfortunately, doctors were unable to reattach the pinky. According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, this was an accident and Luis will not face any charges.