Deputies: Suspects point gun at baby during home invasion

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BRADENTON, Fla. - Residents in a Bradenton neighborhood say they're appalled by the actions of thieves, but not because they barged into a home and stole from the victims. Neighbors say these suspects did something far worse.

The suspects knocked on the door, forcing their way inside a Bayshore Gardens home around 11pm Wednesday night.  And when their demands for money weren't met, one of the suspects pointed his gun at a two month old baby.

Neighbors all basically describe Columbia Drive the same.  “It's usually very quiet.” So when they heard about the robbery Wednesday night, and the suspect pointing a gun at a newborn baby, you can imagine how neighbors reacted.

“I was surprised and shocked,” says Bunny Pupek. She says she's lived there for twenty years, raised six children, and never, has she ever heard of anyone, criminal or not, holding a gun to a baby.  And with the suspects still out there, she says you better believe she's taking precautions. “I know I’m going to lock my doors and don't open them unless I know who it is.”

Deputies say five people were inside the home, including the two month old baby, when someone knocked at the door very loudly. When they answered it, four suspects forced their way into the home, one armed with a revolver.  And after ordering everyone to get on the floor, demanding money, the suspect with the gun pointed it at the baby when the victim's said they didn't have any money to give.

“If you're going to hold a gun to somebody you intend to use it, and a baby can't protect themselves. It's terrible,” says neighbor Laura Robinson.

Laura's husband Leroy says it's a good thing he didn't know about the crime when it was happening, because he doesn't think he could've just stood by with a baby in harm's way. “Anyone stupid enough to put a gun to a two month old child, I mean that's really being desperate.  And I know everyone's in desperate times, but you can do better than that.”

After searching all of the rooms in this house, and forcing one of the victims to open a safe, which was empty, the suspects told everyone to lay face first on the floor, then they fled. But now, neighbors say they're left nervous, and scared. “Who wouldn't be?” says Bunny.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the robbery, however, the suspects did get away.

If you have any information on this case, you can call Crime Stoppers at 866-634-TIPS.

The suspects were described as:

1. Black Male 240-250 pounds 5’8” short dreadlocks

2. Black Male 6’2” 200 pounds Black Hooded sweatshirt armed with a silver revolver

3. Black Male Black Hooded sweatshirt

4. Black Female 5’7” 250 pounds short hair long black tank top and blue jeans