Deputies: Man shoots charging pit bull twice in Ellenton

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ELLENTON,FL. - An Ellenton man says he was forced to shoot a pit bull twice after it charged him and his wife.

It happened around 2:40pm Saturday on the 700 block of lxora Avenue.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, a pit bull was loose in Stephen Parasian's backyard. He observed it run back into an open gate. He exited his front door with his wife armed with a pistol.

His neighbor called Stephen and his wife over. As they were walking in the street towards the neighbor’s home, the pit bull exited the open gate again and aggressively charged them. Parasian shot the pit bull in the head, and it initially dropped, but then lunged at the victims a second time, so he the dog in the head again.

Deputies arrived and statements were taken from two neighbors corroborating Parasian's story.

Two shell casings were found on the ground in the immediate area and the pit bull was observed dead in the street with two gunshot wounds to the head. The dog was photographed and removed by Animal Control.

The dog’s owner initially couldn't be contacted, but returned home at the conclusion of the investigation.

There were no injuries.