Deputies: Man robbed by roommates at Bradenton gas station

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BRADENTON - One person has been arrested and another is sought after a man is robbed by his roommates.

It happened Thursday around 4:30am at the Hess Gas Station located at 6706 14th Street West.

39-year-old Timmy Floyd is roommates with 33-year-old April Canfield and 51-year-old Jeff Stewart. Floyd owed them money for rent/utilities, so he agreed to go to the convenience store with them to make a purchase in the amount owed for them.

Once at the Hess parking lot, a disagreement began over the amount owed. Jeff allegedly placed a knife to the victim's throat, while April took his wallet from the victim's pocket. He was ordered to provide his PIN multiple times, until he finally complied. The suspect's obtained goods from the store with the victim's card, and then fled in their car while the victim remained in the parking lot.

Canfield located a short time later and arrested. Authorities are still looking for Stewart.