Craft brewery set to open in Bradenton

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BRADENTON--There is something bubbly brewing in Bradenton. Or at least, there will be soon.

"We set out, it took about six months to find the perfect location," said Denise Tschida, who after looking all across the state with her husband Frank, decided Manatee County would be the best spot for their start-up company, Motorworks Brewing, bringing new life to an old Hudson Motors dealership on 9th Street West.

The brewery could end up being one of the first tangible signs that the city's investment in the Riverwalk is attracting new business to the area.

"It is something that they have just spent all kinds of money on their wonderful riverfront," said Tschida.

Plans call for a tap room, outside beer garden, and about 23,000 square feet of brewing equipment. It's something Tschida thinks will attract customers regardless of the times.

"As with always in the liquor business, whether things are going well or not well, people like to go out and enjoy and get away from their troubles," said Tschida.

But with job numbers steadily improving, the overall economic climate seems to be improving too; giving confidence to business owners looking to invest.

"It is a huge investment, and we've seen I think, a turn around in the economy, things are changing," said Tschida.