Coyote signs go up in Bradenton neighborhood

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BRADENTON - Nearly two years after a woman's dog was attacked and killed by coyotes signs are put up in her neighborhood warning others about the nuisance animals.

The Florida Wildlife and Conservation Commission installed a "Coyote in Area" sign in the Bay Lake Estates neighborhood in west Bradenton.

Melody Sweetman-Carpenter's Yorkie was killed by a coyote in June of 2011. She then asked lawmakers to require signs to be installed in areas where coyotes have been spotted. They include brochures that help people and pet owners avoid the animals that can attack cats and small dogs.

She says is relieved her neighborhood finally has a warning sign. "I had no idea we had coyotes in the neighborhood. So at 6 in the morning when she was out here relieving herself a coyote got her and we did not get out here in time we just heard a scream and it was too late. When that happened I just thought, ‘What can I do so that doesn't happen to any other animal, child or anyone.’"

Earlier this month, a small dog survived a coyote attack in a neighborhood near GT Bray Park in Manatee County.