Controversial pastor moves to the Suncoast

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MANATEE COUNTY, FL -- Some Manatee County residents may have a new neighbor who's known for causing controversy.  Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville is among the newest East Manatee County residents.

"The pastor has moved into the neighborhood,"  said Jack Richardson the president of the neighborhood group where Pastor Jones has purchased property. Jones became well known for his anti-Muslim message.

"The greatest threat to national security is Islam," said Jones in a video on his website.

Back in 2010 Jones began a movement to burn the Muslin holy books.

"We will be having a world wide burning of 2998 Korans, one Koran for every victim of 9-11," said Jones in the video that also shows him lighting a Korans with a torch.

After receiving push-back from senior US Military leaders, Jones did not go through with the 2010 burning.   But he continues to push the message.  He scheduled a burning on June 14th in Dearborn MI. Which, according to his website has been moved to September 11 2013 near Tampa.  An issue that many of his new neighbors say has them on edge.

"There are some concerns from neighbors for their safety.  They are very concerned," said Richardson.

In addition to safety, many residents worry the more than 11 acre property could become the new site for Pastor Jones' church.  And, Richardson says current rezoning attempts for other property in the area could speed up that process.  "The rezoning of high density housing would give Pastor Jones a reason to go ahead to try to rezone his property for a church," added Richardson.

Neighbors also say Jones has already requested to pave the road that leads up to his property a move they hope is not a sign of other changes to come.

"We welcome all neighbors but we as the neighborhood don't feel this is an appropriate place for a church," said Richardson.