Construction begins on Palmetto little league park

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PALMETTO - For a group of little league baseball players in Palmetto the wait for home field advantage will soon be over.

This was the day kids across Manatee County have waited almost 5 years for. Construction is finally beginning on the little league fields at Blackstone Park in Palmetto.

This is a story that we've been following almost since day one, the process has been wrought with challenges, really taking these young players and their parents and coaches on a rollercoaster ride.

Between funding issues, and then contaminated ground, it's been one delay after another.

Finally though, construction officially started today as crews began laying underground utilities.

Parents we spoke with are definitely excited, saying this is a great day for kids all across the area. “A lot of the initial work is stuff that you can't see. Construction officials with the county say things will start to pick up more in the next two to three months, at which point people will be able to see the progress there,” says Charles Jackson.

Now, there was concern about ground contamination, so the top 6 inches of soil is going to be removed from the entire construction site and taken to a landfill. Then, 2 feet of earth is going to be put in. That will establish a safe barrier and even playing fields.