Colombian players prepared for U.S. Open in Bradenton

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BRADENTON, Fla. - With the U.S. Open tennis tournament upon us, there are four foreign players who stopped by the Suncoast to prepare before heading north.

Before that, four Davis Cup players from South America were at Fit Crew Bradenton to get training and eating tips from the owners and trainers there.

"We're having a very good time here. The whole Colombian team, 4 players, and we are trying to find a good place to practice and the physical part, too," says Alejandro Falla.

He was joined by Santiago Giraldo, Juan Cabal, and Robert Farah as they used innovative ways better themselves under the auspices of Niels Renzenbrink and Andrew Terman, co-owners of Fit Crew Bradenton. "If they are not fueled properly, they are not going to perform. It's the hardest thing. Training and practicing is not easy but it is just a given. Nutrition is what they will be doing throughout the day," says Terman.

Fit Crew Bradenton is open to anyone, but the fact that Renzenbrink and Terman are world class trainers and nutritionists compels professionals to seek out their knowledge -- and relentless training.

"I don't want to throw them under the bus, but they were spoiled. It’s hot in here. When you are out on the court it is hot! So they were definitely spoiled. 'Where is my air conditioning, where is my water, where is my towel?' its a little different here. You are going to sweat, you are going to feel like you are dying, but it is just like the quarterfinals," says Renzenbrink.

"It’s mentally tougher. You have to mentally prepare because there is nothing easy here. That is what we wanted," says Falla.

The players left Friday for New York, and the Fit Crew team will live vicariously through the players, knowing they had a hand in their successes on the court. “They are expending tons of energy throughout the day with all the exercise, so my job is to get them the nutrients they need," says Terman.

"What we are known for is intensity. We have definitely upped the intensity level, so, yeah it has been nothing but a success," says Renzenbrink.