Cleanup begins at Palmetto mobile home park damaged by possible tornado

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PALMETTO, Fla. - Around 6:30 Tuesday evening a waterspout made landfall, hitting near Terra Ceia Bay at the Tropical Isles Mobile Home Park.

Residents and the park's employees started clean up all the debris Wednesday morning.

Three mobile homes, right in a row, were the most severely damaged by that possible tornado, one of them had it's roof completely ripped off.

Residents say they're very shook up by last night's storm. Eighteen mobile homes were damaged by the twister, with debris thrown as far as a condo building several blocks away.

Six of those homes sustained severe damage. Those residents were forced to leave Tuesday night, with the Red Cross assisting them.

Now, neighbors say they're just thankful they weren't hurt, and they're waiting on inspectors to see just how much damage was done.

“We actually saw the cloud…I didn’t see the tornado come down, but everybody says the tornado came right down out of that black cloud. Next thing you know, it’s ‘bam’, the roofs are gone. It’s crazy,” says Jeff Hill.

“It was noisy and it was scary, but I give the Lord the credit that he saved me,” says resident Kay Carson.