Caught on tape: Wildlife workers rescue pelican

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MANATEE COUNTY - Patrons eating outside the Star Fish Company in Cortez Village were witness to a wildlife rescue of a brown pelican Friday afternoon.

Workers at the company first saw the bird struggling, with something caught in its mouth. They got a net and trapped the bird, while another called the Wildlife Rescue Service of Florida.

In just a short time, vice president Beth Weir of the rescue service was on the scene tending to the bird. She had one man hold the bird while she put her arm down through the beak and into the gullet. She tried to loosen the object for about 10 minutes with no luck. With persistence and a little more force she was able to pull the fish carcass loose and free it from the bird’s throat.

With applause from the 30 or more onlookers, the bird took off, happier to be able to eat and breathe a lot better thanks to the great work of Beth Weir.

The Wildlife Rescue Service of Florida is an all-volunteer and non-profit organization which is supported by donations.