Business recovery workshop held in Manatee County

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MANATEE COUNTY - You may have a hurricane plan for your family, but what about a business plan for disasters?

On Monday, the Manatee Chamber of Commerce and Manatee County Neighborhood Services hosted a business recovery workshop.

Experts say after a disaster, such as a hurricane, about 40 percent of small businesses that are forced to close because of the storm never re-open. But by being prepared and having a plan those numbers are significantly better.

The workshop and expo featured experts from law enforcement, local government agencies, and businesses teaching local business owners everything they need to know about creating a disaster plan.

Experts say small businesses need to make sure their employees have their own personal plans, first and foremost. Then, no matter the hazard, business owners should know where they would relocate their business if need be, what information and supplies they may need in the interim, and have everything in place so they can still conduct business even in the aftermath.

“You have to worry about getting things to your customers because your customers are still going to want what they need, logistics for moving things for that, payroll, computers. The whole business aspect needs to be addressed,” says Steve Guetschow, Regional Director, Unified Disaster Resources.

Experts also recommend that small business owners use to store all the information they may need in case of a disaster.