Bradenton Police linking businesses with "The Chain"

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Bradenton, FL-- Bradenton Police are hoping to link up businesses in the community with a new neighborhood watch style program called "The Chain." Authorities say programs like it have already proven to be successful in other areas, and officers say it's all about working together with the community, making sure criminals know it's not welcome in the city in the Bradenton.

Here at the B'Towne Coffee Company on Old Main Street in downtown Bradenton, the owner says businesses in the area look out for each other. “If there's something suspicious going on, if we have a problem with a customer, pretty much anything, with today's technology and texting, or just walking next door to your neighbor, we kind of let people know what to look out for,” Mike Gold.

Thanks to all those watchful eyes, Gold says he feels business owners have cut crime, by simply communicating, which is the exact the goal of "The Chain". “It links businesses to our Bradenton Police Department. It's formed after the neighborhood watch type program and it's kind of the same concepts,” Officer Kimberly Camacho, Bradenton Police Department.

With over two-thousand businesses in Bradenton, Officer Camacho says BPD hopes to get as many businesses as possible participating in the program. “Every community needs to be brought together and we need to have a lot more open communication between the department and our citizens and our businesses, and vice versa, so that's what this does.”

If you would like more information on The Chain-- Bradenton Police are holding an informational kick off event on July 29th.