Bradenton home showing signs of possible sinkhole

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BRADENTON, Fla. - The people renting a Manatee County home have been warned their safety may be in danger. Code enforcement has posted warning notices on their home as the formation of a possible sinkhole is investigated.

The home is in the 6000 block of 1st Street East in Bradenton.

The code enforcement people from the county are careful not to call it a sinkhole, because they're not geologists. They just know that the building and the one next door are sinking into the earth, and are not safe.

The man who rents the home with his wife is Rick Trevorah. He showed ABC 7 how he's had to lower the door jamb so that it stays even with the door knob in the seven months he's lived there.

Underneath the door, the foundation has sunk enough to create a large gap, and when you walk into the room inside that door, you can feel the incline. When they place a golf ball on the floor, it rolls by itself all the way to the back wall.

Cracks criss-cross the exterior walls of both homes, and code enforcement officers have put notices up on both homes warning of the danger.

Trevorah says he plans to move out of the home as soon as he can.