Bob Gagnon out as interim superintendent

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MANATEE COUNTY - In the latest development in the ongoing issues involving the Manatee County School District, interim superintendent Bob Gagnon will not continue to serve in that capacity, the board deciding instead to go with David Gayler as the new interim superintendent.

Gagnon, however, will remain as an assistant superintendent for the district.

The board also decided to hire Tampa-based law firm Trenam Kemker to hire an audit company to review the district's budget deficit.

That moves comes just weeks after a nearly nine million dollar budget deficit was revealed, which led to the resignation of former superintendent Tim McGonegal.

As that process moves forward, representatives for the district's teachers say it's time for answers.

"I think everybody in the school system wants to move forward but they want there to be some accountability and they want to know what actually happened last year," said Pat Barber, president of the Manatee Education Association, who says the district's teachers are forging ahead.

"Teachers are basically here for their students, they're going to come to work, they're going to teach their students," said Barber.

Barber says while she's trying to be reassuring for the ditrict's educators, the current financial mess has left many unhappy.

"People feel a whole range of emotions from being worried," said Barber, "we don't have a collective bargaining contract at this they're worried about how this impacts them for the future as well as angry that their pay was cut last year and the money saved by cutting their pay was squandered away," said Barber.