Bingo battle divides Bradenton trailer park

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BRADENTON, Fla. - There is a fight brewing over bingo at a local mobile home park.

Trailer Estates in Manatee County is classified as a park and recreation district. Some residents say because of that designation, there should be no bingo or other forms of gambling on site.

Monday it led to a passionate discussion at the community's board meeting, and afterwards, both sides opened up to our camera.

"I take issue with them spending government money to gamble. I don't want us to have a line item budget for 36/40 bingo, 50/50, or Vegas Night. It's illegal for a government to use your tax money to gamble with, and when you gamble with tax money, you put us in danger of losing our community property,” says opponent Bev Lew.

"They want to stop people from playing bingo. Everything this park does is very negative on their part. They love harassment…they get up in the morning with hatred on their mind. What they want to do is treat us like we’re criminals, like we're breaking the law every day and we're not,” says proponent Gary Leboeuf.

The chairperson of the Trailer Estates board tells ABC 7 they will take all arguments into account and they are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.