Woman arrested after being spotted masturbating inside a Starbucks

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BRADENTON, FL. - A woman who was spotted masturbating in a Starbucks was arrested after cops searched her purse and found a pipe with cocaine residue.

According to a report, authorities were called to the Bradenton Starbucks, because the staff saw a woman masturbating in their lobby.

A responding officer spoke to the woman, 29-year-old Jennifer Piranian of St. Pete.

Piranian told police she was waiting to go to the hospital because of an infection or possible spider bite she had. The officer offered to personally take her to the hospital, if he could first do a search of her purse. Piranian reportedly consented, and police found a glass stem inside that tested positive for cocaine residue.

Piranian, who denied the stem was hers, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. She is currently in jail on $1,120 bond.