Pinder: "Feels like I won another gold medal."

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BRADENTON, Fla. - Authorities have confirmed that they have arrested the man they say stole an Olympic gold medal from a vehicle in Bradenton last week. Just before 8:00pm Thursday night, detectives announced they have also recovered the stolen medal. Our cameras caught up with the athlete moments after he learned of the news.

"I first heard about it from ABC News 7 when they called me and let me know the medal was found. I was speechless. I'm at a loss of words," said Pinder.

An arrest warrant was filed Wednesday for 22-year-old Allen Nichols of Bradenton.  Thursday, police arrested Nichols for the crime, according to Capt. William Fowler with Bradenton Police. Pinder says he has never met Nichols before and has no idea who he is. Details remain sketchy as to where the medal was located.

Numerous tips from citizens have identified Nichols as the man that entered Demetrius Pinder's truck on September 11th and stole his gold medal from the center console.

Pinder won the medal in the 2012 Olympics in London as part of the Bahamian 4x400 relay team.

"It feels like it has happened again. I'll probably put it on like I'm on the podium one more time before locking it up," said Pinder.

Bradenton Police say they are grateful for the public's assistance in this arrest.

"The citizens of Bradenton and Manatee County helped us with information we gained in this investigation. We could not have done this without them," said Captain William Fowler with the Bradenton police Department.

Pinder will pick up his medal at police headquarters on Friday. He then says he will take it to the bank and lock it up in a safety deposit box.

"I'm happy. That's the main thing I can say right now," said Pinder. I just want to continue reliving the moment I have the medal back in my hand."