A Hog's Tale: Man losing enormous pet pig due to foreclosure

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PALMETTO, Fla. - Foreclosure is forcing a man and his pet pig to separate after four years together.

David Gamery of Palmetto is the owner of Arnold the pig. When he received Arnold four years ago, he weighed only 50 lbs. Now, he is over 1,000 lbs.

Arnold is quite the eater. Everyday he chows down on a combination of fruits, pasta and even dog food. When he's not eating, he's getting a hose sprayed on him, or hanging out in the mud.

Recently, Gamery learned he would have to leave his home after the property was foreclosed on. He was able to find a new home in Parrish, but it's one without a big enough space for Arnold.

"To me, it's as bad as giving up your best dog. I know he is an animal, but to me, animals make better friends than most people," said Gamery.

Fortunately, one of Gamery's neighbors in Palmetto came to the rescue. Mike Armstrong, a local landscaper, will take Arnold to his home, and will serve as his new caretaker.

"We did it because we want to make sure he can have a long life and not be slaughtered. I think he will be a great pet," said Armstrong.

Gamery says over the years multiple people have asked him to sell Arnold so they could serve him up on a breakfast plate.  "I say to them that as long as I'm breathing, Arnold is breathing," said Gamery.

The challenge now is getting Arnold on board a trailer to travel down the street to Armstrong's home. So far, Arnold won't budge.

"I think he may need to go on a little bit of a diet," said Armstrong.

Gamery plans to visit Arnold every chance he gets.