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Man "walks" catfish at the park

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Most people take their dog for a walk to visit the park, others walk their cats while on a leash and there are even some who take their rabbits for "walks" in their front yard. But visitors to the Sarasota dog park got to see a different pet on display this past Wedsnday.

Yes, the man pictured is pulling an aquarium behind him on wheels, taking his cat-FISH for a walk at the park.

The man was spotted at the 17th Street Dog park in Sarasota by ABC7 viewer Jenifer Funk who said in a Facebook post that you never know what you'll see at the dog park.

Funk spoke to the man who claims his catfish, named Bubbles, gets anxious in her aquarium at home if she does not get out for a walk.

The aquarium sits on an industrial style dolly and is equipped with two battery-powered aerators that the man pulls behind him as he "walks" his catfish.

The man told Funk that sometimes he takes Bubbles out of the tank so he can pet her.

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