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Man sentenced to prison for Carfentanil sale that lead to overdose

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - An Englewood man will spend the next 11 years behind bars after being convicted of Manslaughter in the overdose death of a Sarasota man.

John Michels, 39, was found guilty of Manslaughter and Sale or Deliver of Carfentanil on May 4, following a week-long trial.

According to law enforcement, Michels sold the victim heroin, that he promised would ease the man's pain.

The pair did the drugs in Michels car when the victim began to overdose on Carfentanil. That's when officials say Michels dragged the man out of his car and left on the side of the road, but not before taking the bag of heroin and the victim's phone.

Law Enforcement found Michels through surveillance video at the gas station where he sold the drugs and confirmed his DNA was on the victim.

Michels is sentenced on Jun. 12 to 11 years in jail followed by three years of probation.

This is the first case in which a person was successfully convicted in the death of another as a result of selling narcotics in the 12th Judicial circuit.

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