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Man charged with second degree murder for killing neighbor during dispute in North Port

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NORTH PORT, FL (WWSB) - North Port Police responded to a dispute between neighbors involving a shooting on Friday that left one man dead.

Officers say 65-year-old John Krug Jr. killed his neighbor, 62-year-old Carl Stacey Berryman, on the 3500 block of Erie Court. They were called to the scene around 10:10am and found Berryman dead in his driveway with a gunshot would to the back of his shoulder.

Police say the two had a long history of disputes, including a previous shooting. On Friday, September 7, Berryman shot at Krug's home 25 times, leaving bullet holes in Krug's home and shed.

Berryman was arrested and released on bond on Thursday, one day before he was shot and killed by Krug, and was under a no contact order.

"They had prior history of involvement in incidents but as far as leading up to acts of aggression on each other that’s unknown at this time," explained Deputy Chief Chris Morales.

North Port Police say they previously removed Berryman's weapons from his home under The Baker Act. It's unclear if he had a weapon during Friday morning's dispute.

Rick Dickman lives on street away. Though a man has died, he says a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

"It's scary. I know it upset a lot of the neighbors," said Dickman.

Although Dickman said he was afraid of Berryman, he believes the situation could have had a better ending.

"I wish that someone would’ve gotten him help," said Dickman.

Berryman's brother Scott told ABC7 that said Krug and his brother used to get along.

"I don’t know what precipitated this other than to say my brother did something here in the neighborhood that he was in trouble for," said Scott Berryman.

Based on the evidence and statements from Krug, police say the case does not fall under Florida's Stand Your Ground law because there was no immediate threat from Berryman.

Krug is charged with second degree murder (not premeditated).

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