Locals react to Supreme Court rulings

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SARASOTA--They are two very similar rulings that are getting two very different reactions.

"I'm elated," said Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson of the Metropolitan Community Church, "this is an enormous, huge win for our community."

Others held a different view.

"I'm saddened by the rulings," said Rod Thomson, a support of traditional marriage and a member of the Sarasota County GOP Party.

Supporters of same sex marriage say Wednesday's rulings on Proposition 8 and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, are just another victory in a fight that's lasted decades.

"This is really the decision that will bring even more momentum to the marriage equality movement," said Wilson.

But opponents say the rulings will only serve to harm the American family, which they say begins with a husband and a wife.

"Without that you have a crumbling of the family structure, if you have a crumbling of the family structure you have a crumbling of society," said Thomson, "I think we see that in a lot of other areas."

Some say today's rulings are a sign of a society on the move.

"I guess a more advanced civilization is a more accepting civilization," said Omar Otero, who supports equality, "I think that's all that's happening, it's a natural progression of a society that's learning more."

While others maintain that traditional marriage is still the gold standard, even in the face of today's historic rulings.

"My wife and I have been married for fifty-eight years, so we believe in a marriage like we have," said a Sarasota resident named George.

But there does seem to be one thing both sides agree on: that the issue of same sex marriage is far from over, regardless of where you stand.

"Now we don't know how its going to go in the future, because now you're going to have activists on both sides being more ratcheted up I think, over the Supreme Court ruling," said Thomson.

"Someday we will have marriage equality in the United States and federal protection for everyone," said Wilson.