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100-year-old veteran has appreciation -- and strong opinions

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LONGBOAT KEY, Fla. -- World War II veteran Lee Auslander says they didn't have to ask him twice to be Grand Marshall of Longboat Key's inaugural Veterans' Day Parade.

"When they called and asked me, I laughed and said, 'absolutely!,'" he said.

Auslander was among dozens of other vets, from World War II to Iraq/Afghanistan taking part in the parade.

"It made me feel proud to see all the other vets on the island. I'm one of them and I'm proud," he said.

He isn't just one of them, he's the oldest one--and also may have seen some of the most horrific things a man can see while fighting the Nazi's in the bitter cold.

He keeps his black and white pictures in a notebook, but his memories are fresh in his mind. As a 27-year old from Baltimore he served in Europe and witnessed the enemy killing American soldiers, then stealing their uniforms.

"We didn't recognize them as Germans, they were wearing American uniforms, and a lot of our boys were killed that way," he said.

Auslander has tremendous respect for President Harry Truman and said President Barack Obama could learn from Truman.

"When our planes flew over Germany, there were so many in the sky, the sky was dark. Why can't this President do the same thing with ISIS? They would be gone in a week," Auslander predicted.

Auslander spent his career in the oil business and moved to Longboat Key in 1975.