90-year-old retires from Hap's Honda

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SARASOTA - After 64 years, Kenny Clark went to work at Hap's Cycle Sales for the last time Friday.

The bike shop's manager recognized the 90-year-old for the dedicated service he's provided all these years.

At one time, Clark raced motorcycles and after riding one into Sarasota more than 60 years ago, we went to work at Hap's. He started out doing odd jobs, and then later he began building bikes and fixing engines.

Though he gave up riding a few years ago, trading in his bike for a mustang, he tells us he still enjoys being around them.

So what's next? “I don’t have any immediate plans. I have some things around the house to do. I'm just gonna take it easy."

Clark says his advice for younger workers is to stick with things, and you can better yourself.

By the way, Clark's son following in his dad's footsteps. He is the lead mechanic at Hap's Cycle Sales.