Women and leadership gap

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Sarasota-  Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has a controversial new book.  In it she claims there is a "leadership ambition gap" between working men and women.  The book is titled Lean In and is meant to inspire women to succeed.

"The very blunt truth is that men still run the world," said Sandberg in a interview to promote the book.  Sandberg added women themselves are responsible for the gender gap in leadership roles.  "They start leaning back, they say lm busy, I want to have a child one day, I can't possible take on anymore or l'm still learning on my current job. I've never had a man say that stuff to me," said Sandberg.

Here on the Suncoast, Roxanne Joffe is among the group of women in a leadership position.  Joffe owns Cap Brand Marketing and has also taken on the fight to help women break through the glass ceiling.

"I really agree with Sheryl Sandbergs philosophies, its up to us to show we're just a relevant in the workforce," said Joffe.

Joffe says she has first hand accounts of women not achieving their full potential. Which is why she's been working with women on the Suncoast to help them grow their business.

"I think women are their own obstacles. I think that women set barriers for themselves because perhaps they're women, perhaps because of their self esteem, or the way they perceive themselves as women," said Joffe.

But not everyone agrees.

"There are some unfortunate situations that some women aren't able to pull themselves out of because of family, children, sometimes even religious beliefs," said Sarasota Resident Assunta Swier.

Still, some of the women we spoke to say the gap between those in leadership roles has nothing to do with ambition or confidence but the priorities many women set.

" I think everybody is trying to find a balance between their personal and their business careers and I don't believe women are complacent. I believe women have to face decisions every day for the big picture and also the little picture," said Juile Blaize.

Joffe and many of the other women we spoke to also admit that part of leadership gap is because many women choose to be stay at home moms. A job they all say is just as important.