Women accused of eight more residential burglaries

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SARASOTA - The charges keep coming for four Suncoast burglary suspects. Ten days ago, Sarasota County Sheriff's Deputies arrested four women for breaking into homes in the Southgate area. Now, two of those women face even more charges, for crimes committed within city limits.

23-year-old Alyssa Conrad and 20-year-old Caroline Catarzi are both facing additional charges for breaking into eight different residences in the last month. As of right now, detectives say Catarzi and Conrad are responsible for 12 burglaries. Two of their partners in crime, Samantha Smith and Brandy Kinney are linked to at least four of them.    

Authorities say the women took items from the homes, sold those items to pawn shops, and used the cash to fund their addiction to prescription pills.

The investigation is on going. Captain Paul Sutton with the Sarasota Police Department expects even more charges to be filed.