With new development comes new Tuttle Avenue connector

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla -- A new housing development near Whitfield Avenue will soon create a new direct link from Sarasota into Manatee County.

Tuttle Avenue currently ends in a neighborhood just north of 77th Avenue East and picks up again about a third of a mile away at Whitfield Avenue. The missing link has been a part of the county's comprehensive plan since 1989, and now will become a reality.

Neal Communities has already begun construction on the 74-home subdivision, Magnolia Point, located in the Tuttle Avenue dead-zone.

But neighboring subdivisions have mixed feelings on the road connector.

"It's good for the community, I'm sure. It's just that people like privacy, and any time that they put more roads in it brings more traffic." Dan Gormley enjoys his quiet neighborhood, less than a mile from the new housing development. But knowing more cars will make their way through his neighborhood is concerning. "I'm not looking forward to it, but I mean this is what it is."

But father and son don't agree. “I think it makes it easier to go...you know, to get into the subdivision that they're actually going to put there, and the connector means that we have one new road to work our way through the community," says his son Daniel.

The road will have two lanes, including a median and bike lanes, and the design allows for future expansion, with the potential to add two more traffic lanes on each side, if future development creates a need for it.

The county has agreed to reimburse Neal communities $460,000 to build the link.

The connecting road is expected to be completed in January, following the opening of the new community.