Wimauma woman’s roof ripped off by Andrea

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WIMAUMA - In Wimauma today, some Hillsborough County resident's suffered damage from the storm.

The wind ripped the roof off one mobile home's porch. The homeowner, Alta, says in her thirty years living here she's never seen damage like this.

With heavy rains and strong winds, she says she's just thankful that it didn't damage the inside of her home.

Alta's been through a lot and didn't feel up to having her face on camera, but she did explain to ABC 7 the moment the weather took a turn for the worst. “I was still up... Out from under.”

Alta says the roof did have some problems prior to the storm, but nothing bad enough to cause that kind of damage.

She is disabled and says the back porch door is where the ramp is. She says neighbors plan on coming to help her move the debris so she's able to come and go from her home.