Will shutdown affect consumer confidence?

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SARASOTA--With still no end in sight to the government shutdown, some wonder what the impact will be on consumer confidence, at a time when the economy is starting to turn around.

"Nobody's too worried about it, but it's still in the back of everybody's mind," said business owner Gary Nickols.

At the Venice Consumer Expo Saturday morning, Nickols told ABC7 his business has seen a thirty percent rise in sales over the past year. He questions whether a lasting government shutdown will derail that positive momentum.

"It worries me a little bit, because if people stop spending money not knowing whats going to happen, that affects the employees I do have employed," said Nickols.

Other business owners had similar concerns.

"If it drags out and becomes a problem, yes it would be something that would be of concern," said another business owner, Brian McMurphy, "but I choose to make the belief at this point this will get resolved fairly quick and with minimal impact on the business community."

And as the shut down enters its sixth day on Sunday, vendors at the expo had a clear message for the nation's leaders.

"They need to come together, they need to work together for the good of the common people not for their own self interest," said McMurphy.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted unanimously Saturday to provide furloughed federal workers complete, retroactive pay once the shutdown ends. However there is no indication the shutdown will end any time soon.