Wildlife Inc. still caring for animals after 26-years

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ANNA MARIA-- It's just a typical day at Wildlife Incorporated on Anna Maria Island. Volunteers are busy taking care of their new patients. One of those patients is a snapping turtle, believed to be hit in the head with a machete. Then there's the bald eagle, suffering a broken wing after being hit by a car. Finally, there's a bobcat, also struck by a vehicle, sustaining road rash.

Due to the overwhelming commitment by volunteers, all of these animals are expected to survive. Wildlife Incorporated has been caring for thousands of wild animals each year over the last 26-years.

"Hopefully out of the thousands, 75% of them might leave here. You can't see anything better than seeing a bird fly away that came in with a broken wing," said founder, Gail Straight.

The organization is a non-profit and relies on the public to help contribute money for food, shelter and medical care.

"I rarely get a day off, but when I do have a day off, I'm doing something related to Wildlife. It's all interesting to me and I can't get enough of it," said Vice President Damen Hurd.

Lives dedicated to saving others, even if they aren't human.

For more information, check out: http://wildlifeinc.org/