Wild pig creating problems in unusual location

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SARASOTA-- It's not uncommon to find wild pigs living east of I-75 in our area, but for one to be living in a residential neighborhood in Sarasota is pretty strange.

That's what at least one homeowner is dealing with in the Desoto Acres community just south of University Parkway. Donna Blunden first noticed the animal on her property last weekend. Now, it has destroyed her yard.

"It's like he owns the place now," said Blunden. "He is rooting. He puts his whole snout in the ground and just pulls up. When he comes up, everything comes up with him."

Damen Hurd, an animal expert with Wildlife Incorporated agrees that finding a wild pig this far west is a bit unusual.

"I would say that because he is so young, it's more likely than not that someone brought him in and either dumped him, or he escaped from someone's property in the area."

Hurd has agreed to help Blunden with the problem. This week, he will trap the pig humanely and take it to a pig rescue center owned by one of his friends. If you are in a similar situation, the best way of getting rid of the animal is to contact a trapper, even though it can be rather pricey.