Where were you 50 years ago Friday?

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VENICE, FL - If you were alive and old enough to remember when the President was killed you probably remember how you found out 50 years ago today.

Along Venice Avenue five decades to the day many still remember exactly where they were. "I was working for an insurance office in Freehold New Jersey," says Audrey Riggs. Fred lamb knows too. "I was working in an accounting office in Toledo Ohio." A sad memory for Jim Bonneville. "Just coming home from college. It was my senior year. In the car listening to a very sad thing."

News of President John F. Kennedy shot and killed like a snapshot in time. "The most vivid thing in my mind was the people standing on the street. It was like it was all slow motion. They stopped and people were crying and holding each other. Very traumatic," says Lamb.

"Just stunned, absolutely stunned that something could happen like that. Just crying all day. I think people even in foreign countries remember what happened that day," says Riggs.

Coast to coast and beyond. Mario Cavaliere was in Germany at the time. "The people were crying just like it was one of their family."

The days that followed too. Barb Bonneville was in her first year as a teacher. "It was hard to tell the children what was going on."

"I have goosebumps right now as we are talking about it." Norman Holloway was just 13 years old. Lasting images and memories of a disturbing scene and time many who lived though it young and old say they simply can't forget. "I didn't really realize at the time what was going on. I realize now what a great man he actually was."

Pretty easy to find plenty of people who remember the day the President was shot and killed. Recent census data indicates only about a third of Americans today were actually alive when it happened.