What's Up Joey? Suncoast weekend wrap-up November 18th

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SARASOTA – It was another action-packed weekend in Sarasota, and as we inch closer to Thanksgiving, our social calendars have filled up like the roads. I've said it before and i'll say it again: season is here.

This weekend saw two big annual events, sand sculpting on Siesta and street art at the Chalk Festival. Both of these events are becoming mainstays of our annual calendars, and though personally, I wish they didn't fall on the same weekend, it doesn't seem to discourage the crowds as both drew great numbers once again.

Rounding out the tri-fecta was the kickoff of Season of Sculpture, debuting eight new pieces on the bayfront. At the official launch on Saturday night, the crowd was treated to a surprise fireworks display.

There were some fireworks of their own happening at the Ritz-Carlton Friday afternoon. Just about every woman I know kicked off her weekend celebrating three of her favorite things. You could say that the annual fundraising event, "Wine, Women and Shoes" might be summed up by its title.

Women? Easily hundreds of ladies filled the ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton dressed to the nines.

Shoes? From the ones on their feet to the accessories for purchase, shoes were well represented.

And wine? Well, there was no shortage at this event.

“I’m having an amazing time,” said Kathryn Parks of Sarasota. “They’re putting on a fantastic show here. The wine is pouring, the food looks incredible, lots of girls in fabulous outfits.”

Kathryn was right, but at that point the same could’ve been said of most luncheon fundraisers in town. You had your great décor, you had your meal, you had your live charity auction. But soon this afternoon went from luncheon to full-on party, complete with live dance performances, and a runway show that got the ladies on their feet, particularly when the male models hit the catwalk.

These ladies went wild. There were moments I wasn't sure I'd make it out alive.

Now I'm sure the event chairs would want me to mention all the money the event raises for charity, which it certainly does. But I'll also say this: these ladies have set the bar for fundraisers. They kept it fun and full of energy, and everyone left having a great time!

And speaking of having a good time, I hit my stomping grounds Saturday night for Art Expose, a provocative night of interactive live art at The HuB. The night was packed with local artists and live models, some covered only in body paint. It was an underground vibe at the party as artists drew, painted and sketched the models.

There aren't a ton of images I can share from the night, so you'll have to take my word for it. Art Expose lived up to its name.

On the local celebrity front, I just got a tip this morning that fashion designer Michael Kors was spotted in town this weekend. We haven't confirmed what brought the Project Runway judge to Sarasota, but I was tipped that he was checking out the Icons of Style exhibit at the Ringling.

Let's just hope that in true Project Runway style, one of the mannequins didn't get eliminated and sent home from the competition.

As always, if you spot a celebrity around town, snap a photo and send it to me here at whatsupjoey@mysuncoast.com.