What's up, Joey? Suncoast weekend recap December 30th

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SARASOTA, Fla. – This post-holiday weekend on the Suncoast, there was still plenty going on. And the man about town Joey Panek has some highlights.

I have to be honest that when the Christmas and New Year's holidays fall in the middle of the week like this, I have no idea when the week ends and the weekend begins. But it hardly matters because we're going to be at it again this week with New Years.

Last week there were some really beautiful Christmas parties.

Every year, Bill & Margaret Wise host Christmas Day at their home, which features a legendary Louisiana buffet. The main attraction is their homemade gumbo, which was recently featured in Edible Magazine. Bill & Margaret open up their gorgeous home to the masses. Among the guests was our very own Chef Judi.

We go from Louisiana gumbo to a very British Christmas with the Barries. Hosted by Lynn & Richie Barrie in their Indian Beach Drive home, this family sets out a 22-seat banquet table decorated with wooden branches and ostrich feathers. The evening includes singing around the tree with guitars and the British tradition of an English trifle.

Local real estate agents got a little present this Christmas when Sarasota was named one of the Top 10 Most Exciting Small Cities in America by a national blog. Sarasota ranked high in live music and nightlife. Apparently no one told them about our noise ordinance battles. But listen, a success is a success.

The article gave special mention to the Cock & Bull and Shakespeare's Pub, as well as downtown's Ivory Lounge. Congratulations, Sarasota. Keep the music playing.

And speaking of live music, this weekend Perq Coffee Bar in Southside Village, my favorite place to get an iced flat white, turned into a music venue of its own Saturday Night when they hosted a night of live indie bands. The place was packed with a younger crowd, proving once again that if you don't know where the young people hang out, you're probably not drinking coffee late enough.

And on the celebrity front, fans of the History Channel reality show American Pickers will get jazzed about this week's sighting. One of the show's stars, Mike Wolfe, was spotted around Sarasota recently. If you don't watch the show, and I wouldn't necessarily blame you. Mike travels the country picking up antiques and collectibles.

Now I can't say if he's scouting locations for an upcoming episode, but just in case, this might be a good time to take inventory of your fine China.

If you snag any selfies while you're out and about, make sure to send them to me at whatsupjoey@mysuncoast.com.