Yesterday's joint session of the city and county commissions ended in a stalemate, with officials agreeing to disagree on possible shelter sites. In the end, the group decided to keep looking for a better spot and meet again in late August.

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I'm all for giving a hand up, but hand outs, kindness, and generosity, seem to have put our community into this predicament. I've often wondered how many of the so called "homeless ever had a mortgage, or a job with responsibilities. You shouldn't be classified as "homeless" if you never had a home to begin with. Normally, people who've had the misfortune of loosing their home are too busy looking for work to be holding a sign or sleeping off a buzz on a bench. COME ON SRQ, WAKE UP! Lets find out where the ACLU reps live and have the "homeless" construct (since they have a lot of spare time) a shelter near their home. We need to enforce a new ordinance called, Get Clean, Get A Job, or get Out.

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