What do Suncoast residents want President Obama to talk about in speech?

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SARASOTA - President Obama will address a room Tuesday night filled with Congress members and special guests, including those who have been asked to attend because of their experiences with gun violence.

But most Americans will be watching the State of the Union address from the comfort of our homes.

So, what do some people hope to hear from the president?

ABC 7 spoke to some residents along the Suncoast, and jobs and gun control seem to be on the top of everyone's minds. People we talked to say they are hoping the president's speech is specific and calls for immediate action.

We know that jobs and the economy will be major issues that Obama addresses, and people say they are hoping to hear more than just general ideas and are expecting the president to be forceful and specific, especially since this is his second term.

“Our children, we send them to school and we think they're going to be safe, and they're not. That is really frightening and there are a lot of guns on the streets,” says Sarasota resident Toni Robb.

“We're hoping that he will speak more about jobs and about the recreation of a vibrant working class, and also an emphasis on the future,” says Margaret Skinner.