Website lists Casey Anthony's clothes for sale at $800 each

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Florida man is hoping to cash in on Casey Anthony by selling clothes that were once owned by the former murder suspect.

In 2011, Anthony was acquitted of killing her two year old daughter Kaylee in 2008.

For the past five years, Eric Holler has run, selling postcards and drawings from notorious murderers. Now he's dedicated a section to Casey Anthony.

Holler says he purchased the items at cost from Christina Werner, who bought them at a garage sale run by Casey's parents George and Cindy last summer.

The pants still show a sticker price of $1, which Holler is now re-selling on his website for $800 apiece.

“As far as what people think of the website or me personally, I could care less. I'm not a monster; I am running a legal business, Holler told WESH.

Holler doesn't deny he's in the business to make money, but says he never considered buying Caylee's toys. “I do not want that little girl’s toys. I would never sell that little girl’s toys.”